dual-rotary-drilling-300-200-bThis unique method of drilling uses two rotary drives to advance a drill bit and steel casing simultaneously. This technology is widely used in unconsolidated formations (sand, gravel, cobbles, boulders) to decrease the risks of hole collapse, lost circulation, and heaving formations.

This is also the most efficient and effective way to construct class V injection wells. We own and operate 8 dual rotary rigs and have constructed over 8,000 drainage wells in Florida. In Miami, and surrounding areas, Drainage wells are critical in managing surface water runoff from streets, parking lots, residential subdivisions, building roofs and highways.

Some advantages of Dual Rotary Drilling:

  • Quicker and more controlled drilling through unconsolidated formations
  • Reduces or completely alleviates lost circulation problems or dredging issues
  • Casing advancement seals off formation as you drill